Weights Lifted

by | Nov 7, 2016 | About Me

Have you ever had something weighing you down that you did not realized was that heavy until the weight was lifted from your shoulders? Something that sat upon your mind like a 500lb couch potato slumps upon said couch? Filling your subconscious, thoughts, and worries, but you think you have it handled if you truly realize it is a weight at all. Then one day it is just gone and you feel light and airy. You feel the absence and realize that you had a boulder the size of Rhode Island sitting on your head, neck, shoulders, and back. Then you want to celebrate all the more because of this sudden absence of weight.

I’ll share my celebration if you share yours. Actually I’ll share mine regardless, but I hope you will share yours too so I can celebrate. My husband started a new job today!!! If you are reading this and going “great for her, but I’m still pinned by my ton of bricks” then I would love to pray for you and also let you know that the weight will be lifted eventually. I say this because hubby has been out of work for months and months. He was outsourced back at Easter, the end of March and had been searching since before then without any bites.

This job search was my boulder and I did not realized how big of a boulder because I have several jobs and he was getting unemployment so we were making ends meet. We also have been blessed to have gone through Financial Peace University at our church and were prepared for this “surprise” with an emergency fund which we had so far avoided needing. I truly thought I was at peace with the situation and not majorly worried. Of coarse I knew I was slightly concerned especially given the few minor freak outs I would have maybe once a month, but I felt blessed and we were/are blessed. We have friends and family that were very supportive with prayers, advice, pep talks, and distractions when needed.

Then this morning came and everything got finalized and I kissed hubby goodbye for his first day at the new job and I felt floaty and weightless, excited and thrilled. I realized how heavy and down I had been, how secretly nervous I truly was. Not that hubby would not or could not find a job. I knew he was fully capable and that God had us in his hands, but just the wonder of when adds weight to the mind. The portion of mind space used for thinking of ways to help, ideas on companies not checked, new ways to cut our budget needs, increase my employment, and so much more.

I do not feel bad or guilty for having this weight because I do not believe it is fully avoidable. What is avoidable is the panic, fear, and anger that many hold during these situations. While I carried a slight burden from this situation – that all compassing, all consuming, crippling burden this could have and would have been was carried by my Lord and I am blessed for it.

Do you have a celebration that lifted a weight from your shoulders? If so please share it – in our world we need more celebrations and joy. If you are in the midst of something crushing please share so that we can lighten it some by sharing in prayer.

Many Blessings to all!