Happy Halloween

by | Oct 31, 2016 | About Me, Holidays

Happy Halloween Ya’ll!

I love Halloween because I love sweets, candy, and costumes. I enjoy having an excuse to dress up whether it is for a date night or a costume party. Do you enjoy dressing up or prefer not to?

This year months ago mom and I spied the cutest little steampunk hats and then some crazy eyelashes at JoAnn Fabric of all places which inspired us to go steampunk for Halloween. We then searched for some complementary fabric for corsets and skirts.

We walked into the store for some fabric scissors and wandered out hours later with hats, eyelashes, and fabric. This is what happens when the two of us go run errands together…

Of coarse we then promptly forgot all about the task of assembling said costumes until the week of Halloween. Luckily the sewing task was fairly simple. We just made tube top “corsets” and then cut fabric strips and sewed them on a stretchy waist strip for insta-skirt. Then all that was left was to collect various chokers and watches/jewelry.

Now we plan to go out with hubbies for dinner tonight in our costumes and hand out Halloween themed sugar cookies to the trick or treaters! I would love to see what costume you came up or hear your thoughts on topics for upcoming posts.

Many Blessings and stay safe tonight!