Wonderful Couple/Family

by | Jan 22, 2017 | birthday cakes, cakepops, cupcakes, Heavenly Taylored Sweets, wedding cakes

Good Evening Ya’ll! I am extremely excited because last night we received these professional shots of some of our cakes and treats we created for a wonderful couple/family this last year. We did both their wedding and their first birthday party cakes last year. I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a sweet and fun couple!

The Credit for these stunning- way better than my crummy photos photography goes to Ryan Johnson @ColorBlindRyan

The color and focus of these close ups are amazing!

I always enjoy the looks of intense concentration when people go to cut a cake…

He must of really enjoyed that slice!

This was their daughters’ first birthday cake

What’s a 1st birthday without a smash cake?

The glittery hearts she got for these cupcakes just made me happy…

I totally want one of these cakepop stands!

They added this schweet poker cake when they realized that the party was going to land on another family member’s birthday – how sweet of them to think of others during their celebration!

As is clear in this expression – That’s All Folks!