Happy Thanksgiving – Bakealong Challenge #4 – Apple Pie

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Holidays, pies, Recipes

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll! It’s the day that almost all Americans eat pie which makes it the perfect day for November’s bakealong challenge of apple pie.

I personally dislike almost all pie with my favorite being cheesecake which is not really a pie. However, my family loves it so I always make several various pies for the holidays.

This is the recipe for the challenge if you want to try it out: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/apple-pie-recipe

It calls for a 9″ pie plate, but I hate those thin pies so I used one of my deep dish 10″ stoneware plates. I carry several different colors in my business for purchase so that my customers can get one and then order pies inside of it that are bigger than the pies I can do in the disposable pans, but for the same price! This is amazing for the pie connoisseurs.

I made up the crust dough and put it in the fridge and then started peeling the 4lbs of apples I needed (I added an extra amount of apples to make up for the larger sized pan I used)


Then I cored and sliced the apples into nice bites and put the lemon juice on it to keep them from browning…


I then needed to mix up the spices and such. Hmm…what to use? LIMU shaker bottle to the rescue!


Then we sprinkle it on the apples and mix around till they look all lovely like this…


I rolled out the larger half of the dough and got it into the plate


Dump in the apples! They bake down dramatically so you want to dome it in the middle…


Dot with butter


I also decided to try a lattice crust because I never have before. It was way easier than I thought it would be! I love these dishes because the fluting make them looks so nice and sophisticated….


Into the uber hot oven till hot and bubbly!


And there we have it beautiful apple pie. I also made a pumpkin pie starting from a pumpkin, but that will be a post for a later time, mainly because I totally did not take any pics of the process. For orders I made pumpkin, cherry, and pecan pies so I also made a baby pecan pie for us since I had extra filling and then chocolate crinkle cookies because they are my sister’s favorite and I aim to please. What did you make for Thanksgiving? As always I am so curious about other peoples’ traditions and favorites.

Hope you had a wonderful day and remember all your blessings small or large.