Bakealong Challenge #1 – Pane Bianco

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Bread, Recipes

Good Evening Yall! How are you and challenges? Me – I do not like to be told I cannot do something and if it is food related I just must try it out so when I heard that my favorite food site was issuing a bakealong challenge I had to accept. The premise is that every month they will post a new recipe for everyone to bake and post pictures of so we as a community are baking together. I love the idea because it will get me baking something new each month other than my typical orders and I have never been disappointed by a king arthur flour recipe!

Since I just got access to my blog login this month and the challenge started in August we will just play some catch-up this week and I will try to see about back dating these posts so they sit in the right spots….if you want to start with the first recipe or jump right to Octobers recipe or even just live vicariously through me go for it!

Here is the recipe link if you would like it


Let the Baking Begin:

I love love love bread and if it has cheese then I am a total gonner…

So we put all the dough ingredients into the bowl of my handy dandy stand mixer (a girl’s best friend when bread baking)


Then we let the mixer dough hook mix it all up and knead the dough for us!


I covered the dough with one of those free shower caps they leave out at hotels


While it was rising I got out and chopped the filling ingredients consisting of CHEESE, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and garlic (I used the chopped garlic in a jar for ease)


Once doubled I removed the cap


This is were you can get aggression out…angry at hubby? kids? pesky jars that won’t open? having to do dishes? whatever it is smack that dough like it’s the problem – trust me it will make you feel a bit better


Roll out the dough and top with toppings as such


Then you want to roll up and pinch closed


Put the thin roll across a parchment lined pan seam down and yes it will hand over the ends of the pan. This is completely fine because we are doing to shape it some more anyways


Now for cutting the loaf open which can be done with a knife, but I liked using my kitchen shears to snip it open


Shape it into an “S” that touches aka a figure 8


The bread already looks tasty, but now we cover with plastic and let rise till puffy


Ooh puffy and textured


Now into the oven


To avoid over browning we take it out for a minute partway through and tent with foil before back into the oven!


Then when it is done you can remove the foil to reveal a loaf looking like this


Let it cool before slicing into pieces for consumption – do you see the pockets of goodness inside?


It was delicious on its own, made into toast, and with our dinner!


I hope you enjoyed my journey of Pane Bianco and that it inspired you to try it too because it was easy and richly flavored. If you do try out the recipe post your results or what you think of it.