My First Blog Post

by | Oct 17, 2016 | About Me

Hello peoples! This is my first ever blog post and I was not sure how to begin so I have just decided to jump right in with both feet. My name is Samantha Cutler and I have a tendency to say that I am a granny in a young person’s body. Why you might ask – because you know all that stuff you remember grandma used to do like bake cookies from scratch, crochet or knit, read, give people hugs (sometimes seemingly random people), call everyone hon, sweetie, or darling? Yeah, I do that…It may be because I’m from Texas, but I don’t really think so. Mainly because I do not run into a bunch of others here that do the same thing. Therefore if you run into me and I do this please do not take offense – I cannot seem to help myself, but I do at least try not to in professional situations…
I was born and raised in Texas, but both of my parents are from Michigan. They were high school sweethearts and when my dad finished school and applied for jobs he only applied to warm states (he was sick of the snow) and Texas took them. I am married to a troublesome sweet man named John and I am the owner operator of Heavenly Taylored Sweets an at this time home based bakery specializing in custom cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats.
I have had many people want to know more about me, what prompts me to do the things I do, and how I do them so my plan for this blog is to give anyone interested a sneak peek into my journey. The posts will not really be all about any particular thing. I am sure there will be posts about baking/food, my business, and recipes, but I am also sure there will be posts about others things in my life such as God, family, hubby, books, house projects, my many jobs (I get bored easily), and anything else that that’s shiny and attracts my eye.
Well I think that was a great first try at this blogging thing – what do you think? Comment if you would like to say hi or have a burning question or an idea for my next post topic otherwise have a fantabulously blessed day and week!