Rustic Glam Wedding Cake

Working with this bride was fun once we got on the same brain length. She wanted something rustic like the tree bark look since her venue was a barn. However, it was a very elegant venue still and she wanted something glitzy as well. She kept referring to rustic elegance which seems to be used for snazzy clean cowboy boots to antique world lace and everything inbetween. Her inspiration pictures were either marbly tree bark or birch tree looking often with initial carvings, but her other pictures were gold plated or dripping with metallics, drips and bling. I gave her many options trying to merge the two ideas. However, since I could not find pictures to show of the concept she never could visualize it.

Eventually, I was pretty positive I had her vision in mind. I finally asked her if she wanted me to use my judgement to create the cake and surprise her with the final cake design. Afterward she was so grateful for the suggestion since she was so overwhelmed and left it up to me. This picture is that final product and it was exactly what she wanted. She was so excited about it when she told me it was just what she was looking for. It fit the venue vibe wonderfully and I was blessed to be able to merge her design desires into one.


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July 14, 2021